I’m baaaack

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted anything personal in a while, mostly because for the past few months I’ve been injured and suffering from a lack of motivation.

My shoulder is finally 100% and my motivation is back to 100% as well!

I’m currently doing a program that I started yesterday. I’m doing the 5-3-1 lifting program, combined with conditioning workouts. This is the basic outline:

Sat: Military Press; Pull-Ups; Dips
Sun: Deadlifts; HIIT (4 x Tabata intervals); core
Mon: Rest
Tues: Bench Press; Bent-Over Rows;
Wed: Squats; HIIT (4 x Tabata intervals); core
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Sprints

-For the Tabata intervals I’m always going to switch up the exercises to keep it interesting. Some examples of exercises I use with the Tabata protocol: run on treadmill, spinning, burpees, pushups, squats, thrusters, med ball slams, skipping rope, kettlebell swings, plank rows, mountain climbers, squat jumps, etc.

Today is Deadlift day!!! Gonna do some heavy deads, some HIIT, and finish off with a core workout. LET’S GOOOOOO :)

Wall Ball shots are an awesome conditioning exercise! 

Try to do 150 for time with a 10 lb medicine ball,and repeat that test every few weeks to measure your progress.

These will definitely work your entire body, and help you build up strength endurance.