My Dream Gym :)

One of my goals in life is to build an amazing home gym when I have my own house. The size of the basement, and especially the ceiling height of the basement are going to be very important factors when I’m buying a house.

These are the things my dream home gym is going to have:

Squat rack, with a Texas power bar and full set of bumper plates
Weight rack to hold all of my dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls
Prowler sled
Super strong metal attachment on the wall, where I can hook up my battle ropes and my resistance bands so I’ll be able to do indoor resistance sprints
Tire + sledgehammer
Heavy bag area

I would want to have hard rubber flooring in half of the gym, where the Squat rack, weights, sandbags, and tire would be. Then I would have a long, fairly narrow strip of artificial turf where the prowler sled would be, and where I could do resistance band sprints and battle ropes. Finally, I would have an area with martial arts mat flooring, where the heavy bad would be, and where I could do some sparring, or really any other exercise that requires mats. BEAST MODE.

I’m baaaack

Hey everyone!

I haven’t posted anything personal in a while, mostly because for the past few months I’ve been injured and suffering from a lack of motivation.

My shoulder is finally 100% and my motivation is back to 100% as well!

I’m currently doing a program that I started yesterday. I’m doing the 5-3-1 lifting program, combined with conditioning workouts. This is the basic outline:

Sat: Military Press; Pull-Ups; Dips
Sun: Deadlifts; HIIT (4 x Tabata intervals); core
Mon: Rest
Tues: Bench Press; Bent-Over Rows;
Wed: Squats; HIIT (4 x Tabata intervals); core
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Sprints

-For the Tabata intervals I’m always going to switch up the exercises to keep it interesting. Some examples of exercises I use with the Tabata protocol: run on treadmill, spinning, burpees, pushups, squats, thrusters, med ball slams, skipping rope, kettlebell swings, plank rows, mountain climbers, squat jumps, etc.

Today is Deadlift day!!! Gonna do some heavy deads, some HIIT, and finish off with a core workout. LET’S GOOOOOO :)

Workout Updates

I’m finally 100% healed up from my neck strain and I’ve started a new workout program. I’m following Ross Enamait’s 50-day NEVER GYMLESS plan, and using his INFINITE INTENSITY guide for the strength days.

The plan is broken up into ten 5-day cycles as follows:

Day 1: ICT workout 
Day 2: Maximal Strength workout + core workout
Day 3: EIT workout 
Day 4: Explosive Strength workout + core workout 
Day 5: REST

…and repeat for 50 days total 

ICT stands for Integrated Circuit Training and consists of conditioning workouts which are focused on explosive bodyweight exercises. These workouts improve conditioning as well as strength endurance and explosiveness. Burpees are a staple of almost every ICT workout in Never Gymless (there are 10 different workouts)

Max Strength days focus on low reps, heavy weight, dumbbell exercises. There are a lot of unilateral movements such as 1-arm snatches and 1-arm DB clean & press.

EIT stands for Enhanced Interval Training. These workouts are intense conditioning workouts, which usually consists of sprints with some bodyweight exercises added in for extra pain. Sprints and burpees are a staple of almost every EIT workout (there are 5 different workouts)

Explosive Strength days focus on low reps with medium weight (e.g. you would do 5 reps with 70% of your 5-rep max, focusing on explosive power during each rep). The rest periods are shorter compared to max strength days. Some exercises are the same as max strength days, but explosive exercises are added such as plyo pushups, and exercise pairs such as 60 sec wall sits followed immediately by squat jumps.