My Dream Gym :)

One of my goals in life is to build an amazing home gym when I have my own house. The size of the basement, and especially the ceiling height of the basement are going to be very important factors when I’m buying a house.

These are the things my dream home gym is going to have:

Squat rack, with a Texas power bar and full set of bumper plates
Weight rack to hold all of my dumbbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls
Prowler sled
Super strong metal attachment on the wall, where I can hook up my battle ropes and my resistance bands so I’ll be able to do indoor resistance sprints
Tire + sledgehammer
Heavy bag area

I would want to have hard rubber flooring in half of the gym, where the Squat rack, weights, sandbags, and tire would be. Then I would have a long, fairly narrow strip of artificial turf where the prowler sled would be, and where I could do resistance band sprints and battle ropes. Finally, I would have an area with martial arts mat flooring, where the heavy bad would be, and where I could do some sparring, or really any other exercise that requires mats. BEAST MODE.

60% Nutrition, 20% Training, 20% Rest & Recovery

I see a lot of photos and ads with the following slogan:

Fitness = 70% Nutrition & 30% Exercise

While it’s true that nutrition is the most important aspect of health and fitness, for me I’ve found that the breakdown is more like this:

60% Nutrition
20% Working Out
20% Proper Rest & Recovery

Rest and recovery are overlooked by a lot of individuals who are trying to get fit. I have learned the importance of proper recovery through my own errors in over-training, not getting enough sleep, trying to train with injuries, and not taking de-load weeks in the gym. Eat right, lift weights and do high intensity cardio, get enough sleep and rest so your body can recover and continue progressing toward your goal.

Deck of Cards Workout

Today I did a Deck Of Cards Workout, which is a workout taken from Ross Enamait’s books “Never Gymless” and “Infinite Intensity.”

For the workout, you take a deck of cards, and for every red card you do that number of reps of a certain exercise, while for every black card you do that number of reps of a second exercise.

Some variations include:

Red card: burpees
Black card: pushups

Red card: pushups
Black card: bodyweight squats

Red card: medicine ball slams
Black card: up-downs or burpees

Guidelines: For every numbered card, you do that number of reps. For every face card, you do 10 reps, and for every Ace, you do 11 reps. Rest as needed. Try to minimize rest, but the most important thing is to do every rep with high intensity, so as the workout progresses you may need to take longer rest breaks in order to maintain intensity/explosiveness in each rep.

Today, I did the workout with 12 lb. medicine ball slams for every red card, and burpees for every black card. It was very difficult, and in the end it amounted to 190 reps of burpees and 190 reps of medicine ball slams. If your conditioning is very poor or if you are a beginner, try to complete half of the deck of cards, and progress from there. Always adjust the workout to your own capabilities.

One of the benefits of this workout is that you can do it anywhere. All you need is a deck of cards and a bit of space. If you’re traveling and you don’t have access to a gym or you don’t have a lot of time, just bust out the deck of cards and do some squats and pushups!