Deck of Cards Workout

Today I did a Deck Of Cards Workout, which is a workout taken from Ross Enamait’s books “Never Gymless” and “Infinite Intensity.”

For the workout, you take a deck of cards, and for every red card you do that number of reps of a certain exercise, while for every black card you do that number of reps of a second exercise.

Some variations include:

Red card: burpees
Black card: pushups

Red card: pushups
Black card: bodyweight squats

Red card: medicine ball slams
Black card: up-downs or burpees

Guidelines: For every numbered card, you do that number of reps. For every face card, you do 10 reps, and for every Ace, you do 11 reps. Rest as needed. Try to minimize rest, but the most important thing is to do every rep with high intensity, so as the workout progresses you may need to take longer rest breaks in order to maintain intensity/explosiveness in each rep.

Today, I did the workout with 12 lb. medicine ball slams for every red card, and burpees for every black card. It was very difficult, and in the end it amounted to 190 reps of burpees and 190 reps of medicine ball slams. If your conditioning is very poor or if you are a beginner, try to complete half of the deck of cards, and progress from there. Always adjust the workout to your own capabilities.

One of the benefits of this workout is that you can do it anywhere. All you need is a deck of cards and a bit of space. If you’re traveling and you don’t have access to a gym or you don’t have a lot of time, just bust out the deck of cards and do some squats and pushups!

Workout for Aug 31, 2011

I’m currently following Ross Enamait’s NEVER GYMLESS workout routine.

Here is the conditioning workout I did yesterday:

August 31, 2011 - Enhanced Interval Training (EIT) Workout:

-5 burpees
-10 pushups
-15 squats
-200 m sprint

Repeat 4 times, NO REST  


This was a slimmed down version of the actual workout in the book. The actual workout calls for 4 continuous rounds of 12 burpees, 24 pushups, 36 squats, and a 400 m run. I decreased the reps and distance down to a level where I could be able to push hard throughout the entire workout. There is no shame in decreasing reps/distance to fit your current conditioning level, because the workout will be much more effective if you are able to perform at high intensity, rather than struggling hard just to barely finish the reps. Form + intensity are much more important than volume. 

Workout Updates Continued

Here are my workouts for the past 2 days:

Monday August 29, 2011:

ICT workout #1 (“No Excuses”):
Round 1: 1 min burpees; 1 min bicycle crunches; 1 min squats; 1 min pushups
Round 2: 45 sec burpees; 45 sec bicycle crunches; 45 sec squats; 45 sec pushups
Round 3: 30 sec burpees; 30 sec bicycle crunches; 30 sec squats; 30 sec pushups
Round 4: 15 sec burpees; 15 sec bicycle crunches; 15 sec squats; 15 sec pushups

-NO REST BETWEEN ROUNDS; the workout is 10 minutes straight of all-out effort.
-The original workout includes pull-ups instead of bicycle crunches but pull-ups are too difficult for me so I substituted bicycle crunches instead (in the book, there is a list of exercises you can sub in if the original ones are too difficult)

Tuesday August 30, 2011:

Max Strength Workout #1: 
1-arm DB Clean & Press from floor: 4 sets of 3 reps per arm (90 to 120 sec rest between sets, weight should be 5-rep max)
1-arm Snatch: 4 sets of 4 reps per arm (90 to 120 sec rest between sets, weight should be 5-rep max)
Split Squat, followed by Good Morning: 4 sets of 5 reps per exercise (5 reps per leg for split squats). Complete first exercise, rest 45 to 60 sec then proceed to second exercise; continue until all 4 sets are complete.
Pull-Ups, followed by Push-Ups: 4 sets; 5 reps for pull-ups and 15 reps for push-ups. Complete first exercise, rest 45 to 60 sec then proceed to second exercise; continue until all 4 sets are complete. 
Core Workout finisher  

Workout Updates

I’m finally 100% healed up from my neck strain and I’ve started a new workout program. I’m following Ross Enamait’s 50-day NEVER GYMLESS plan, and using his INFINITE INTENSITY guide for the strength days.

The plan is broken up into ten 5-day cycles as follows:

Day 1: ICT workout 
Day 2: Maximal Strength workout + core workout
Day 3: EIT workout 
Day 4: Explosive Strength workout + core workout 
Day 5: REST

…and repeat for 50 days total 

ICT stands for Integrated Circuit Training and consists of conditioning workouts which are focused on explosive bodyweight exercises. These workouts improve conditioning as well as strength endurance and explosiveness. Burpees are a staple of almost every ICT workout in Never Gymless (there are 10 different workouts)

Max Strength days focus on low reps, heavy weight, dumbbell exercises. There are a lot of unilateral movements such as 1-arm snatches and 1-arm DB clean & press.

EIT stands for Enhanced Interval Training. These workouts are intense conditioning workouts, which usually consists of sprints with some bodyweight exercises added in for extra pain. Sprints and burpees are a staple of almost every EIT workout (there are 5 different workouts)

Explosive Strength days focus on low reps with medium weight (e.g. you would do 5 reps with 70% of your 5-rep max, focusing on explosive power during each rep). The rest periods are shorter compared to max strength days. Some exercises are the same as max strength days, but explosive exercises are added such as plyo pushups, and exercise pairs such as 60 sec wall sits followed immediately by squat jumps. 

Wall Ball shots are an awesome conditioning exercise! 

Try to do 150 for time with a 10 lb medicine ball,and repeat that test every few weeks to measure your progress.

These will definitely work your entire body, and help you build up strength endurance.